What to Expect

A review of the clients medical history to be sure no contraindications*
A discussion regarding what the client is expecting from massage

What to expect during massage:

  • Full body massage usually includes: neck/shoulders, back (glutes for low back pain), arms, legs,hands and feet, but can be just area specific as all sessions are based on your needs
  • The client can disrobe to their own comfort level
  • The client is draped or covered with a blanket and sheet, exposing only the area which is being worked. The client should never feel exposed.
  • The therapist will establish good communication with the client so that a comfortable pressure level is maintained throughout the massage
  • The client may experience referral sensations from tight muscles/trigger point.
  • The use of  hypo-allergenic vegan lotion that is paraben and nut free
  • After the massage the client will be encouraged to slowly stretch and awaken relaxed muscles before getting off the table to redress. This also avoid potential dizzy sensations.
  • After the massage the client will be given drinking water and give instruction as to what to expect in the following hours.
  • The client may experience some inflammation or  soreness after deep tissue massage.
*A contraindication is a situation when massage should not be performed. Continuing with treatment may be more detrimental than beneficial